Bayside Communities

About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Bayside Communities is a real estate investment company that operates across California and the West, with headquarters in Oakland, California.

While focusing on integrating affordable housing into local communities and putting the community first, we own and manage, through our affiliate EPMI, affordable and market rate multi-family properties. At Bayside, we approach every project with responsibility and thoughtfulness. We are a business that is passionate about what it does and is dedicated to becoming the premier multi-family real estate investment company throughout the United States. Bayside Communities plans to aggressively build its portfolio over the next few years.

Our Values

  • Diversity: The diverse group of people that we work with every day brings our organization and communities to life.
  • Pride: Being part of something positive is what fulfills and inspires us to be the best
  • Integrity: The mark of our upstanding morals and honesty is on everything we do.
  • Social Responsibility: We honor the communities we work with by putting their well being before our financial gain.
  • Teamwork: We foster a collaborative team of investment and management professionals deeply committed to the mission of one firm.

At Bayside, we live and work by these values. They’re what make us who we are. By leveraging these core values, we offer superior performance in real estate investments.


In April, 2011, Bayside Communities was created as a new joint venture between Barker Pacific Group, Luzzatto Company and Lion Real Estate Group. It was established to acquire A.F. Evans’ affordable housing properties in bankruptcy filing. Overall, Bayside acquired the general partner interests in more than 2100 units across California, Washington and Oregon, with plans for further acquisition to take place.

Bayside bought the general partner interests in 27 multi-family properties totaling 2,135 units in California, Washington and Oregon. Bayside Communities acquired general partner interests in another 12 properties from the A.F. Evans’ portfolio thereafter.

Including other acquisitions, the portfolio is now 29 properties totaling 2,879 units [April 2013].